Nine mechanical and two chemical inventions by Utah inventors have been granted patents by the U.S. Patent Office.

John P. Pasquin, West Valley City. A flush valve assembly for use in the reservoir of a toilet. Filed Oct. 10, 1989, a continuation of application March 21, 1989. Patent 5,005,225.E. Cordell Lundahl, Providence, and Laurel H. Jensen, Hyrum. A crop processor using conveyor augers. Assigned to Ezra C. Lundahl Inc., Logan. Filed Feb. 13, 1990. Patent 5,005,342.

Norman Van Patten, Springville; Blaine Van Patten, Palo Verde, Calif. and Vernon Dillenbeck, Orem. A hydrogen gas-filled balloon signalling system. Assigned to Norman Van Patten, Springville, and Blaine Van Patten, Palo Verde, Calif. Filed Feb. 23, 1990, a continuation of application May 1, 1989. Patent 5,005,513.

Stephen C. Jacobsen, Edwin K. Iversen and David F. Knutti, all of Salt Lake City. A servovalve apparatus for use in fluid systems. Assigned to Sarcos Group, Salt Lake City. Filed Jan. 31, 1990. Patent 5,005,600.

George R. Pipes, Salt Lake City. Brake mechanism for a storage and retrieval machine. Assigned to Eaton-Kenway Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Dec. 20, 1989. Patent 5,005,681.

Keven Taylor, Salt Lake City. Jet ski transporter carriage and related methods. Filed Oct. 16, 1989. Patent 5,005,846.

Milo Baughman, Salt Lake City. A retractable/extensible staircase apparatus for access to the floor of a vehicle. Filed Dec. 29, 1989. Patent 5,005,850.

George R. Pipes, Salt Lake City. Wheel mounting assembly for a storage and retrieval machine. Assigned to Eaton-Kenway Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 2, 1989. Patent 5,005,912.

Fred T. Smith and Fred P. Smith, both of Alpine. Apparatus for transferring refuse from containers into refuse equipment. Assigned to Waste Management of North America Inc., Oak Brook, Ill. Filed March 15, 1989. Patent 5,006,030.

Steven S. Davis, Farmington. Apparatus for shifting filter plates in a filter press. Assigned to Envi-rotech Corp., Menlo Park, Calif. Filed Feb. 21, 1989, a continuation of patent 4,806,239. Patent 5,006,241.

Anil V. Virkar, Salt Lake City. Stabilized bismuth oxide ceramic composition. Assigned to Gas Research Institute, Chicago, Ill. Filed April 24, 1989. Patent 5,006,495.

William T. Dalebout and Ty Measom, both of Logan. Treadmill with siderail. Filed Jan. 19, 1989. Design patent 316,124.