The chemical found floating in surface water at the old Bennett Paint plant has been identified as fuel oil.

The spill at 2131 S. 300 West was reported to the South Salt Lake Fire Department last week by an employee of Delta Geo-Technical. The chemical was seen floating on top of water that ponded at the site during heavy rains.An emergency response team from the Environmental Protection Agency was called in to help stabilize the site and aid in identifying the mystery chemical. About 40,000 gallons of the contaminated water have been pumped into portable storage tanks. EPA is continuing to analyze water quality at the site and will make a report within 30 days. EPA is also erecting a fence at the site to secure the area. Containers related to past site activities have been moved into a locked building. Three transformers containing PCBs, a cancer-causing agent, were discovered at the site and have been stabilized and secured.

Once the EPA analysis is complete, a final disposal plan for the pollutants will be developed.