Doctors amputated the left foot Friday of a paraplegic man whose Labrador puppy ate part of the appendage as his master lay in bed.

Noland Britt's foot was removed at Helen Ellis Hospital, said a hospital spokesman who refused to give any further details.Britt's wife, Mary, made the gruesome discovery Wednesday after returning to the couple's Holiday home from shopping with their 1-year-old granddaughter.

"She freaked," Britt said from his hospital room Thursday. "(She) told me, and I kind of looked at it comical like."

Britt, who was left a paraplegic several years ago in a traffic accident, said his first reaction was, "Damn, I'm puppy chow."

He said the dog, Misty, apparently tried unsuccessfully to get in his bed, "so it got even with me by eating my foot."

The adopted stray, which is under quarantine to see if he has rabies, will eventually be killed, Britt said.

"I feel sorry that they have to put the dog to sleep," he said, "because it was a good dog."

Britt said the stray, which the family took in last week, began licking a bedsore on his foot and tasted blood. Then, acting on instinct, started biting.

When Mary Britt returned home she noticed the dog had blood on it. She checked it over and found nothing wrong with it.

But when the family began tracking the blood, they found bloody paw prints leading to more blood near Britt's bed. It wasn't known exactly how much blood Britt had lost.

Family members immediately locked the dog in the garage and called 911.

The Britts said the dog showed no signs of viciousness.