Rock star Elton John's treasures, from glitzy spectacles and platform boots to Rembrandt etchings and Tiffany lamps, are up for sale in London, and Sotheby's auction house predicts they will bring in more than $5 million.The sale catalog alone costs 40 pounds ($67) and already is a collector's item.

Sotheby's set aside four days for the sale at its London headquarters, starting Tuesday, and called on five auctioneers to handle the 1,922 lots.

John, 41, singer, pianist and composer, is selling everything in the collection he put together over 20 years and kept at Woodside, his mansion near Windsor, west of London.

The sale includes John's stage costumes, pinball machines, zany hats, jukeboxes, beer advertisements, tartan bagpipes, soft toy gorillas, art deco vases and statuettes, walking sticks, pottery mugs of Queen Elizabeth II, furniture and jewelry.

John, a millionaire many times over, rarely gives interviews but prepared a videotape to explain why he is selling his collection.

"People will say I need the money, which is ridiculous," he said on the video. "I just bought things that I liked whether they were cheap or expensive."