To the editor:

I recently received an appeal for a donation to Planned Parenthood. I will never support, financially or in any other way, organizations promoting abortions. If Planned Parenthood would re-orient its efforts toward teaching young people to avoid sexual promiscuity as well as teaching inadequate parents to assume responsibility for the physical and emotional welfare of their children, then I would give my whole-hearted support.The problems confronting society are not merely unwanted children. Venereal diseases, including AIDS, have become pandemic. Substance abuse is also pandemic and children are the losers.

I believe the height of stupidity was reached when those people with the most power traded discipline for the wants of the moment and forced the courts to substitute condoms for prayer.

I have been a teacher most of my life. I know, while some people find their "kicks" through artificial means and the thrills of the moment, the happiest people get their emotional highs from good music, literature and art; from accomplishing worthwhile goals; from physical activity; and service to others. These "kicks" are long-lasting and are constructive rather than destructive. They build rather than destroy.

The sorrow of my life is I have been so ineffective as a teacher, but I still cry, "Save the children, for in doing so, we may save ourselves."

LaVarr B. Webb

St. George