An American Fork couple accused of promoting a pyramid scheme waived their rights to a preliminary hearing and will be arraigned on the charges May 24 in 4th District Court.

Matthew J. Peterson, 36, is charged with four counts of promoting a pyramid scheme, third-degree felonies, and Neda M. Peterson, 33, is charged with five counts. The Petersons appeared in 4th Circuit Court on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing but agreed to forego the hearing and be arraigned.The Petersons and six others are facing charges in connection with promoting a multilevel marketing company called Family Star. In March, 4th District Judge Ray M. Harding ordered the company to cease operations pending the outcome of a civil suit filed by the attorney general's office.

The company's main promoter, Sally Ann Hall, 45, Pleasant Grove, already has been bound over to 4th District Court on five counts and will be arraigned Friday. Most other defendants have agreed to continue their cases until the charges against Hall are resolved.