To the editor:

We recently received a copy of an Earth First! newsletter that included a plea for help regarding Utah BLM wilderness with instructions to contact Ken Rait at Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for additional information.The tabloid itself was disgusting to say the least. We can't imagine why Rait would let his name be included in such a repugnant, vile pile of garbage.

Our concern here is that apparently Rait is either asking for or soliciting help from a known terrorist group that will stop at nothing to get its way.

Seeing that SUWA has taken sides, to some degree, with such a radical group causes us grave concern. As you well know, many ranchers in this area are extremely concerned about the safety of their livestock while on permitted range lands. SUWA's endorsement of Earth First!, if the case may be, can only in our opinion aggravate an already polarized situation.

We strongly urge SUWA to publicly disassociate itself from Earth First!

Norman S. Christensen

President, Escalante chapter

Western Association of Land Users