On Thursday, May 23, you can get your Fixx.

In other words, the Fixx is in - in town, that is, for one show only at the the Utah State Fairpark Coliseum. (And they hope you're Fixxin' to be there.)Now, cliches aside, let's talk about the band.

After a two-year recording hiatus, the Fixx is back with a new album ("Ink"), a new record company and a new American tour.

"How Much Is Enough," the five-member band's new single, is slowly climbing Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart.

Success is not new to them, although it may seem a bit unfamiliar. In the '80s, the Fixx had hits on MCA Records with "Saved By Zero," "Secret Separation" and "One Thing Leads To Another."

But their success was short-lived. Although the band's "Reach The Beach" album sold a million copies, their follow-up, "Phantoms," garnered only one hit single, while 1986's "Walkabout" reached new lows. MCA Records dropped the band soon after 1987's live album, "React," also bombed.

Thus, "Ink" is the band's debut on the Impact label. It is also the first time the band has collaborated with outside songwriter Scott Cutler, who co-wrote "How Much Is Enough," "Crucified" and "No One Has To Cry."

"It was interesting to work with someone like Scott, who has known about the band for so long without actually being a part of the band," said Cy Curnin, who, along with drummer Adam Woods formed the Fixx back in the early '80s. "To sit down with a third party and talk about different direction the songwriting should take gave us a fresh perspective and renewed vigor. It was enlightening to discuss his perceptions as to how he saw the Fixx at our best and what type of songs that we should be creating and recording now."

Singer-songwriter Gregg Tripp will open the show.

Tickets are $15 in advance and available at all SoundOff stores, Graywhale, the Salt Palace, Smo-key's Records and Stargazer.