A nationwide list of dads who are the most behind on their child support cost a restaurant manager his job and initiated a warrant for his arrest in Phoenix.

Gregory Lewis Morey had been the general manager at Fajita Willy's, 911 E. Fort Union Blvd., since October. Co-workers describe him as "a really nice guy."But then USA Today published Tuesday a list of most wanted dads. The paper said Morey topped the list because he owes his ex-wife $74,100 in child support payments - about 10 years worth of missed installments of $600 per month.

Another restaurant manager took the newspaper to work and confronted Morey - and contacted Arizona authorities in Phoenix, who now have a warrant prepared for Morey's arrest.

"He was a really nice guy and it took everybody by surprise," said waitress Debbie Rutt.

Manager Jeff Furse told the Deseret News that Morey called the restaurant Wednesday to ask that his phone number not be given to anyone. "It kind of amazed me that he was still in town." Furse said Morey was fired Tuesday.

The Arizona attorney general's office issued the warrant for Morey's arrest and contacted Utah officials with the hope that they can track him down even though he has been tipped off.

"The first time we heard of him was two days ago, when Arizona called us to check our state records," said Jim Kidder, Bureau Director of Child Support Services for Utah.

Utah officials tracked Morey down after discovering the name on his driver's license had one letter changed to slow a computer check on his real name. "We passed that information back to them, but by that time they already had a number of informants calling them."

Morey could face 5 1/2 years in prison and $450,000 in fines for the Arizona charges.

USA Today reported that Morey has moved through six states and has changed his Social Security number four times to avoid making the monthly payments to his ex-wife and three children.