AIDS has killed three patients who received heart and kidney transplants from an infected man, and health officials are tracking more than 50 other recipients of the man's tissues and organs, it was reported.

At least one other person, who received a bone graft from the man, has tested positive for the AIDS virus, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.The federal Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration are helping to track 53 other people who received transplants from the man, said Dr. Scott Holmberg, an epidemiologist with the Atlanta-based CDC.

LifeNet Transplantation Services, the network that supplied the tissues, has begun contacting hospitals to track the other recipients of the man's organs.

The organs and tissues were distributed to 30 hospitals across the United States.

Officials would not identify the hospitals or the states in which the transplants took place.

The donor, a 22-year-old Virginia man, was shot to death in a robbery in 1985. It wasn't clear if he was the victim or assailant.

He tested negative for HIV - the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS - twice before his organs were removed. But officials believe he may have been infected so soon before he died that his body didn't register any signs of exposure.