Harry Reasoner, who with Mike Wallace was a founding co-editor of CBS's "60 Minutes," will sign off for the last time on Sunday, May 19, it was announced Thursday.

"I'm Harry Reasoner. Most of us will be back next Sunday with another edition - volume 23, number 36 to be exact - of `60 Minutes.' Good night," will be the way he bows out.Reasoner, 68, taped his farewell Thursday, as his colleagues - Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, Steve Kroft and Andy Rooney - added their remarks.

The veteran newsman had announced his decision to step down and assume the new role of editor emeritus and contributing correspondent in November 1990, but no final date was set until this week.

Reasoner still may appear occasionally on "60 Minutes" in special pieces and, of course, he will be on hand in repeats.

Reasoner and Wallace launched "60 Minutes" on Sept. 24, 1968. He left CBS in 1970 to anchor for ABC's evening news, where eventually he was teamed - against his will - with co-anchor Barbara Walters, who ABC had hired away from NBC.

Reasoner returned to CBS and "60 Minutes" in 1978.