USAir has suspended a flight attendant who allegedly dressed like an Arab terrorist and faked a hijacking as a joke during the Persian Gulf war.

The incident came to light after a Lebanese-American couple from Dearborn complained to the Federal Aviation Administration.Joseph and Sarah Fawaz said they were on a flight from Pittsburgh to West Palm Beach, Fla., for a Jan. 26 honeymoon when flight attendants put on rubber noses and fake Arab headdresses.

Joseph Fawaz, 26, quoted one attendant as saying: "This is a hijack. Take this plane to Baghdad." The incident outraged many Arab-Americans after it was widely reported.

Fawaz said Edwin Colodny, the airline's chief exeuctive officer and board chairman, apologized in a letter and offered the couple a free flight to Florida.

"The damage is done," Fawaz said Thursday in an interview with the Detroit News. "I'd never go back on a USAir flight."

David Shipley, the airline's assistant vice president of public relations, said only one attendant was involved in the incident and he was suspended.