City officials want a new city hall. Many residents agree they need it.

The present City Hall, housed in Historic Sandy in the former Sandy Junior High School, was built in 1927. It's small and deteriorated.But a group of concerned residents warn against construction of a new one until a proposal for a City Hall construction bond is put before the voters.

"It is our understanding that the Sandy City Council is considering a plan to build a new City Hall and to obtain finances for the project by issuing a bond in the approximate amount of 7.9 million dollars," a group of residents said in a May 14, 1991 letter to Sandy City Council Chairman Ronald Gee. "We also understand that the pay back on such a bond is expected to be in the range of 19.7 million dollars over 23 years."

The group of 41 residents told Gee they don't oppose a new City Hall, or take a position regarding the four proposed sites of the project. Proposed locations are: next to the library on 1300 East and Sego Lily; gravel pit at approximately 9300 South and 1000 East; South Towne Mall area, where the city ownes 35 acres; land on which current City Hall is located. It would reduce the size of the recreational complex.

"We do, however, object strenuously to the idea of bonding for this project without the documented approval of Sandy voters," they wrote.

Gee agrees. "We have until November to decide on the financing," he said. "Putting it on the ballot is an option we're looking at."

Meanwhile, Gee said the City Council is holding "scads" of public hearings, the first of which was held in the Sandy Community Quadrant last Tuesday.

"We are trying to get as much input from the citizenry as we can because something has to be done," he said. "We have a window of opportunity to try and bring this to pass."

Gee said city administrators have put together several funding proposals with Sandy's bonding council. The proposals guarantee no tax increases.

Additionally, the city's in the process of selecting an architect who will recommend how large the hall should be.