Both Chameleons and Hunt Entertainment have shows scheduled within the next few months. Here's a list:

- June 6: "The American Medical Assassination," a new Chameleons production at Sherwood Hills.- June 14: "Through the Window Glass," Hunt Entertainment's latest mystery, Snowbird.

- July 18: "Terrorfest '91," a revised version of one of Chameleons' most popular productions, Sherwood Hills.

- July 20: A fund-raiser by Chameleons for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company at the Olympus Hotel in Salt Lake City.

- Aug. 22: A new show, being written and as yet untitled, with an Old West theme, at Sherwood Hills.

- Sept. 20: Another new, untitled work, at Sherwood Hills.

- Oct. 5 or 6: A new production at the Radisson Hotel in Ogden.

- Oct. 11-12: A custom-tailored overnighter at Sherwood Hills.

- Nov. 8: "Murder Under the Mistletoe," Sherwood Hills.

- Dec. 31: The Chameleons' annual New Year's Eve mystery at the Radisson in Ogden.

Hunt Entertainment is planning additional productions at Snowbird, most likely on a monthly basis, but dates are still being negotiated.

For reservations and information regarding the Sherwood Hills performances call 245-6424 (Wellsville). Watch the weekly calendar in the Deseret News Weekend section for specific dates and times for both companies' productions.