A federal judge has dismissed a $16.5 million suit by Kearns-Tribune Corp. and a Florida developer over plans to build a single-family development on the hillsides of Park Meadows.

U.S. District Judge David Sam clarified a March bench ruling that dismissed the suit against Park City and its officers.The plaintiffs had sought to amend the 1983 Master Plan for development of the property, and the amendment had been denied by the city's planning commission and City Council.

Sam also dismissed claims filed individually against Park City's mayor, city manager, and members of the council and planning commission.

Kearns-Tribune Corp., which owns The Salt Lake Tribune, and Norman A. Rossman, of Florida-Utah Corp., who owns option rights to Park Meadows, alleged they were denied their constitutional rights to develop the property.

They had designed a plan for 266 single-family lots and a 500-room hotel north of the Park Meadows Golf Course. That plan broke from a master plan passed in 1983 which allowed 376 multifamily units and a 600-room hotel.

"Plaintiffs have sought approval for no other plan and therefore the level of development which would be officially allowable by Park City is unknown at this time," Sam said Wednesday.

The plaintiffs "have failed to state a federal claim upon which relief can be granted," he said.