The head of the International Olympic Committee, confirmed Monday that his committee will not allow officials and judges of the countries boycotting the Olympics in Seoul to play a part in the Games individually.

"Therefore, Olympic ID cards will not be issued to people of the countries not coming to Seoul," Juan Antonio Samaranch said after arriving at Seoul's Kimpo International Airport.Samaranch, in Seoul to supervise the Olympics, due to open Sept. 17, said that such a sanction against boycotting countries was made after the l984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Officials at the Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee said the IOC decision will affect three officials and seven umpires from Cuba who have applied for ID cards for the Seoul Olympics.

The decision, however, would not affect journalists, they said.

A record 161 countries have entered the Seoul Games. Only five countries - North Korea, Cuba, Ethyopia, Nicaragua and the Seychelles - have said they will stay away.