The board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce supports Nov. 5 as the date when Salt Lake County voters decide if they want to tax themselves one quarter of 1 percent in sales tax to support transportation improvement.

Passage of a resolution supporting the election came after a presentation by Robert L. Siegel, chairman of the Transportation Task Force of the Business/Gov-ernment Alliance, who said BGA adopted a similar resolution.Siegel said it is important for county residents to show the federal government they support solving their transportation problems since the Urban Mass Transportation Administration will be asked to provide a grant for construction of a light-rail system.

He said the Salt Lake County Commission will hold a public hearing May 29 and then decide if the vote should be on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Eighteen months ago BGA issued a position paper on county transportation calling for a combination of adding lanes to I-15 and building a light-rail system.