Vital Statistics

Age: 33

Where born: Orem

Family: Husband, Larry; children, Brandon, 20, Jill, 9, and Jack, 5.

Education: Graduated in 1976 from Hollywood Beauty College.

Primary products: Hair styling, coloring, perming, etc., and nails.

Primary market: Utah County

Number of employees: 15

Annual sales: $336,000 annually

Personality Profile

First "real" job: Worked on the City of Fun Carnival at age 16.

Management style: "Easy going. I like people to discover their own abilities and play on them. I like t accentuate the positive and avoid the negative unless I absolutely have to."

Strategy for success: "Set reasonable and attainable goals. Work toward them ."

A memorable failure: "About 10 years ago I weaved all of someone's hair. She didn't mind it, but I wouldn't let her leave. We had to weave her natural color back in."

Leisure time and hobbies: Gardening, costume making, readeing and decorating her home.

Heroes: "My husband, Larry. He is suck a neat guy."

Favorite book and movie: "All that You Are," by Mary. Movie: "Trip to Bountiful."