Members of the Salt Lake Council of Women have attended several events the past few weeks, and are now moving into a busy fall season.

In July, the executive board gave a get acquainted brunch at Sunnyside Park for the advisory board.In August, the organization held its annual tea in the Jordan Park Bowery. Tours of the International Peace Gardens were undertaken by many members and guests.

Eilene Marchand was chairman. Committee members included past presidents Orleen Poulson, Hazel Harrison, Ruby Blake, Irene Elgren and Glee Richards.

On Sept. 12, council members will hear a report on Utah Girls Village. Lila Bjorklund, founder of the village and chairman of the board of trustees. will speak, and Normand L. Gibbons, president of the Girls Village Corporation, will make a visual presentation.

Eric W. Bjorklund, execuative director, will moderate a panel composed of Holly Barton, village trainer and evaluator of staff personnel; Ralph Stoddard, one of the professional teaching parents at the North Home and a mother and daughter. The panel will explain the skills taught to the girls at the village.

The village focuses on a behavioral modification program called the Teaching Family Model.

The Girls Village Committee of the Salt Lake Council of Women is presenting the program. The committee members are Dr. Sue Harry, chairman; Bea Clark, vice chairman; Marjorie Laughlin, vice chairman; Ruth Erhardt, vice chairman; Donna Jewell, board sponsor.

Others are Anna Burnodot, Anna Clark, Minnie Foote, Bula Garrett, Betty harris, Belle Kimball, Janet Lloyd and Susan Lunt.