Police continue searching for a man who fired at least six bullets into a crowd of teenage boys Tuesday night, wounding one in the back and another in the knee.

Both teenagers, whose names have not been released, were treated at local hospitals and released.One witness said the man flashed gang signs before shooting a .22 caliber handgun at a group playing basketball.

"I was going up for a basket and heard a lot of yelling. I saw him stick the gun out of his window and heard the shots," said another witness. "I dove for cover and hoped my friends were safe."

The man apparently fired two bullets from his truck about 50 feet from the driveway of a home, 1619 S. 1300 West, and drove past the area at about 20 mph still shooting into the crowd, police said.

"He just went by with a smile on his face and held up the gun - kind of showing off," a witness said.

Stray bullets pierced the side panel and shattered the rear window of a pickup truck in the driveway.

Neighbors said they're worried about rival-gang retaliation and hope their children will be safe playing outside.

Five minutes before the incident, officers responded to a report of shots fired at 1342 W. 900 South. No one was injured, but bullet holes pocked two vehicles, Sgt. Scott Atkinson said.

Officers are searching for a white male, 18, driving a light-blue and primer-gray small pickup truck.