The Food and Drug Administration is ordering three manufacturers of vegetable oil to remove a claim from their labels that the agency says is misleading even though it's true.

The picture of a heart and the statement "no cholesterol" on Crisco Corn Oil, by Procter & Gamble, will no longer be allowed, the FDA said Tuesday.It issued the same orders to CPC International-Best Foods, makers of 100 Percent Pure Mazola Corn Oil, and Great Foods of America Inc., the manufacturer of HeartBeat Canola Oil.

The companies promised to cooperate with the regulatory agency.

The FDA said the labels are misleading because they imply the products differ from similar vegetable oils, "when, in fact, all vegetable oils are free of cholesterol."

Furthermore, too many people believe that cholesterol-free products also are fat-free, and that's simply not the case, said FDA spokesman Jeff Nesbitt.

He said the agency would investigate other high-fat foods that make no- or low-cholesterol claims.