A city employee seeking a change in a city ordinance so he can become a member of the state Legislautre and keep his job will have his case considered by the Salt Lake City Council Tuesday night.

City Planner Chris Shulz is petitioning the council to change an ordinance that prohibits him from being a city employee and, if he wins his District 22 race for the Utah House, holding political office.The City Council staff is recommending the council study the matter, delaying passage of an ordinance for at least a week.

Shulz, running as a Republican, said he needs the ordinance changed before Sept. 13, the primary election date, because as the ordinance now reads he must take a leave of absence from his city job between primaries and balloting in November.

Other agenda items include action to set public hearing dates on two ordinance changes proposed by the Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team Steering Committee.

The first is a zoning ordinance amendment that would make surface parking a conditional use. A planning official said the change would make it easier for the city to control surface parking placement, in keeping with recommendations made by R/UDAT when the planning team studied the city.

The second change proposed by the R/UDAT Steering Committee would strengthen the city's demolition ordinance, another recommendation made by R/UDAT.

The council will meet Tuesday at 6 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall, 324 S. State Street.