Meeters and greeters will be allowed back in the concourses of the Salt Lake International Airport soon, said airport director Louis Miller.

That's crucial at an airport that has nearly three times the national average of folks hanging around to welcome and wave.U.S. Transportation Secretary Samuel K. Skinner announced Tuesday that security measures against terrorism adopted because of the Persian Gulf war will be relaxed soon.

Miller said he hopes the security downgrade will happen this week. Additional security has cost the airport $8,000 per week since the stricter regulations were ordered in January. In addition, Miller estimates the airport lost about $3,000 per week in concession sales and parking fees.

Since Jan. 16, all U.S. airports have allowed only ticketed passengers into airport arrival and departure areas. Dropping that barrier will be the most obvious change to the public, Miller said.

Skinner announced security will be reduced from a Level 4 to a modified Level 2 but will still remain higher than usual, especially on international flights.

Most Utah travelers were tolerant of the need for tighter security during the first month, Miller said. But recently, that patience has worn thin.