The University of Utah will award three distinguished teaching awards and three distinguished research awards at its commencement June 14.

The distinguished teaching awards will go to Robert A. Goldberg, associate professor of history; Robert R. Kadesch, professor of physics; and Richard H. Price, professor of physics.The distinguished research awards will be presented to Gerald W. Hohmann, professor of geology and geophysics; Edward M. Eyring, professor of chemistry; and William G. Pariseau, professor of mining engineering.

The recipients were chosen by U. committees from a list of nominees. Each recipient will receive $2,000 prizes.

The committee chose the recipients based on the following qualifications and work.

Goldberg, the 1987 recipient of the Ramona Cannon Award for Teaching Excellence, was noted for his classes using a dynamic mix of lectures and the Socratic method.

Kadesch has endeavored to instill in liberal arts students not only a passion for the beauty and power of modern physics but an understanding of the science's fundamental concept.

Price was noted as a master at providing his students with the incentive to work hard and do well without compromising academic standards.

Hohmann is developing sophisticated computer modeling techniques for interpreting a wide range of electromagnetic data.

Pariseau is internationally known for his applications of numerical modeling to problems in geomechanics.

In collaboration with research faculty and others, Eyring has made important contributions to the understanding of how metal ions dissolved in liquids reacts with ring-like molecules.