Labor Day in Utah was a work day for many and a pleasant holiday for others as temperatures reached the high 80s in the north and high 90s in most of the southern and eastern portions of the state.

In St. George, temperatures were expected to hit 101 to 103 degrees. No rain was predicted for anywhere in Utah Monday and skies were expected to be clear - except for the haze caused by forest fires in many areas of the state.A host of furniture, department, sporting goods and other stores were open Monday and a bevy of holiday shoppers were looking for back-to-school and end-of-summer bargains.

Lagoon crowds helped the amusement park end its regular season Monday. Lagoon will start its weekends-only schedule next weekend. Hunters took advantage of the holiday to go afield after doves, and fishermen, boaters and waterskiers used the long weekend to enjoy Utah's rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

It was no holiday weekend for 25,000 firefighters in Utah and other Western states where dozens of forest blazes closed highways and threatened homes and businesses from Yellowstone National Park to Salt Lake's Emigration Canyon.

In Rose Park, Alain Mendez and his wife, Sarai, and her father, Conception Carcano, used the Labor Day weekend to labor on their home at 334 N. Ninth West.

Mendez said he and his wife had lived in their home six months and decided to paint the outside over the weekend. "We always wanted a brick home and our home is brick - but someone painted over it and made all the brick cream colored."

"Mr. Carcano told me we could have a red brick house by simply painting the brick red, so that's what we did and it came out great. Now we have a red brick house."

Mendez, 23, and his wife, 21, spent the whole weekend with paint brushes and rollers. It looked like so much fun, the couple's two children, Alain, who is nearly 4, and Phersephony, 21/2, tried to get into the action, too, much to their parents' dismay.

Carcano, 75, helped paint and, when he wasn't on a ladder, helped keep the two children corralled.