General Foods' new Under Cover Bears are instant oatmeal with little bears "made with real fruit." The private eye variety pack includes three maple flavors, two fruit punch and three apple cinnamon varieties. The 12.7-ounce package contains eight packets for $2.17.

Kay Hadley: "I have a hard time getting `caught up' in some of the `new' food ideas."Our boys did enjoy seeing Gummi bears `appear' as they stirred their oatmeal, but I seriously doubt that I will ever buy this product again. Instant oatmeal is still instant oatmeal - Gummi bears or not."

Don Russell: "Our children think this new instant how cereal is tops due to the candylike bears. I had a bowl of the cereal and found it tolerable, somewhat satisfying, and on the sweet side. I like to think this cereal is perhaps a wee bit more nutritious than pre-sweetened cold cereal."

Doris Wilding: "Our family likes the instant oatmeals and this is definitely a child's cereal. It was fun for kids, but I wouldn't buy it for an adult. Same great flavor, with bears added."

Judy Slack: "This is pretty unimpressive stuff. The bears were kind of gummy and the strawberry ones were too sweet!"

Edyth Jensen: "We found these to be an overrated bowl of oatmeal with sugar bears in the cereal. The bears are somewhat chewy and are grainy. My grandson picked out the bears and left most of the cereal in the bowl. I do not plan to purchase them again."

Linda C. Tingey: "The apple-cinnamon flavor cereal was good, but my teens were not thrilled with the bears. This is more for little children."

Conclusion: From Care Bears to Teddy Grahams - we love our little bruins. But bears and porridge are a bad combination, just ask Goldilocks. Who needs little gumshoes lurking in the mush?

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