New products are the lifeblood of American industry.

Martin Friedman and Lynn Dornblaser of New Product News identified the most successful new products over the past 25 years at the recent meetings of the Food Marketing Institute, McCormick Place, Chicago.Friedman reminded food editors present at the briefing that "every new product on supermarket shelves today was once a brand new product, introduced by nervous manufacturers in the hope that hesitant consumer would try the newcomer and continue to buy it for a long brand life cycle."

Surviving new products with extended shelf life include:

1964: Carnation Instant Breakfast, Lucky Charms, Betty Crocker Ready-to-Spread Frosting and Quaker Instant Oatmeal

1965: Aunt Jemima Syrup, Shake `n Bake and Spaghetti-Os

1966: Product 19, Cool Whip and Care Free gum

1967: Eggo waffles, Gatorade and Starburst Fruit Chews

1968: Similac, Snak-Pak puddings and Pringles

1969: Swanson breakfasts, Chunky soups, and Del Monte Pudding Cups

1970: Pebbles cereal, Brim coffee, Swiss Miss puddings and Lipton Cup-A-Soup

1971: Hamburger Helper, Sara Lee 3-layer cakes, Success rice and Breath Savers

1972: Pillsbury bundt cake mixes, Stove Top stuffing mix and Promise margarine

1973: Egg Beaters, General Foods International coffees and Miller Lite beer

1974: Progresso soups, Eggo French toast and Cup-A-Noodles

1975: Country Time lemonade mix, Free-dent gum and Accent meat tenderizer

1976: Heinz Home Style gravies, Nature Valley granola bars, Shedd's Spread and Puritan oil

1977: Twix candy bars, Yoplait yogurt and Soup Starter

1978: Lipton's flavored teas, Honey Nut Cheerios and Master Blend coffee

1979: Jell-o Pudding Pops, Klondike Bars and Capri Sun fruit drinks

1980: Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups and Prego spaghetti sauce

1981: Lean Cuisine, Nutri-Grain cereal and Aunt Jemima toaster pancakes

1982: Le Menu dinners, Pepsi Free and Citrus Hill orange juice

1983: Mrs. Dash, Almost Home cookies and Budget Gourmet entrees

1984: Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Kellogg's Raisin Squares and Kraft light mayonnaise

1985: Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers, Lipton Fun Fruits and Jello Ready-to-Eat puddings

1986: Cool Ranch Doritos, Pepperidge Farm American Collection cookies and Pills-bury microwave cake mixes

1987: Lunch Buckets, Top Shelf, Lunch-ables and Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios

1988: Contadina Fresh Pasta and sauces and Common Sense Oat Bran

1989: Healthy Choice Dinner, Kraft fat free desserts/dressings and Entenmann's Fat-free baked goods

1990: Healthy Choice line extension and Ultra Slim-fast products