Jose Canseco engaged in a heated verbal exchange with a fan taunting him about pop singer Madonna in the first inning of Monday night's game between Oakland and New York.

On Saturday, the New York Post published photos of Canseco leaving Madonna's Manhattan apartment early Thursday morning. Canseco said the two are friends and it was his only chance to see her while in New York.After lining out to left field, Canseco walked to box seats to the right of the A's dugout, pointed at the fan and asked him to be quiet. The fan, however, pointed right back at Canseco as they argued.

"Don't come out and point at players, don't confront them," said Canseco, who had seven Madonna tapes on the shelf of his locker. "Don't talk about his family and his mother."

According to a fan sitting near the scene, the fan said to Canseco: "Hey Jose, how's Madonna? Where's Ester (Canseco's wife)?"