It didn't seem like much of a reward for all that work.

After Cache County officials spiffed up their county jail - adding a new recreation area and laundry and building extra showers and fire escapes - a federal judge decided to let them keep four additional prisoners in the jail.But only four. And only on weekends.

The weekday population must remain at 45, a number mandated in a preliminary injunction the U.S. District Court slapped on the jail in December.

Prisoners at the jail filed a class action suit against the county in November, alleging the jail was overcrowded and failed to meet health and safety codes.

The prisoners sought $500 per prisoner per day from the county in actual damages and $1,000 per prisoner per day in punitive damages.

But the prisoners will probably settle for a decent basketball court and some breathing room.

"We are accomplishing what we want: improved conditions at the jail," said Brian Barnard, attorney for the prisoners. "If we can do that without further litigation, great."

Officials agreed to make certain immediate improvements at the jail in exchange for a preliminary injunction that allows them to keep 45 prisoners in the jail during the week and 50 - now 54 - there are on weekends.