It appears that Millard County has struck economic pay dirt with a summer all-terrain vehicle jamboree as queries are coming from the deep South and the East Coast as well as Canada.

The event is scheduled June 27-30 in conjunction with the Old Capitol Days celebration in Fillmore.Several hundred calls inquiring about the Jamboree have been received from ATV clubs, according to Shari Ashworth, East Millard County tourism director. She thinks an estimate of 1,000 participants may be conservative.

Tagged the Fourth Annual National ATV Jamboree, the affair is being promoted nationally. In the three previous years it was mostly of a local nature, using only trails near Fillmore. Advertisements have been purchased this year in the Dirt Wheels and 4x4 Wheel Action magazines, subscribed to be ATV enthusiasts throughout the country.

The new 200-mile Paiute ATV trail in the Fishlake National Forest will be utilized for the Jamboree, an event designed to capitalize on the economic potential of the trail. Fillmore, like other larger south-central Utah cities that are near the trail, approved an ordinance last year to allow ATV riders to use specified streets for access to such services as food, lodging and gasoline.

The ATV trail was established only about two years ago, but it is already getting extensive use and popular support. Officials of Panoramaland, one of the state's six travel regions, report inquiries are increasing as well as use of the trail. The Paiute ATV trail is already becoming an economic boon to the counties located near the Fishlake National Forest, principally Millard, Sevier, Piute and Beaver. Ashworth said many of those who can't attend the Jamboree are asking for brochures about the trail. Some are planning summer vacations to coincide with the Jamboree.

The tourism director reported telephone calls have been received form Kentucky, Georgia, New York, Oregon, California, Kansas, North Dakota, Arizona, Minnesota and other states as well as Canada.

Several ATVs will be given away by businesses that are helping to sponsor the Jamboree. Among them are Yamaha Motor Corp. and the Utah Yamaha Dealers Association, Polaris and its Fillmore dealer, Deardon Equipment, and the Coca Cola Bottling Co. and Jorgensen's Honda of Richfield.

Meanwhile, an initial 10,000 copies and most of the second printing of 15,000 about the Paiute trail have been distributed throughout the country. "We published the first brochure as a carrot to see if riders would bite, and now they've eaten up to our arm," commented Richard Leyba, Sevier County economic development coordinator.

The trail is making south-central Utah a destination point, while it has "traditionally been a drive-through," said Lorriane Gregerson, Panoramaland coordinator.

Possibly the longest continuous loop ATV trail in the United States, it is designed for family use rather than for racing. Users travel at their own pace.

The route utilizes existing roads. It dissects four counties, is routed through three mountain ranges, and borders three state parks. Its scenic beauty traverses valley and mountain meadows, alpine mountains and peaks that range high above timberline, particularly in the 12,000-foot Tushar Range.



Information may be obtained or registration completed by telephoning 1 (800) 441-4ATV or writing to ATV Jamboree, P.O. Box 848, Fillmore, UT 84631.

Registration fees of $50 for the first person and $25 for each additional member of a family (up to six people) will pay for rides, games, a barbecue, dance, T-shirts and eligibility for prizes.