Here's how the International Olympic Committee's site evaluation committee described Salt Lake City:

"Salt Lake City, capital of Utah, is in the central west of the United States, in the Wasatch Mountains. Salt Lake County has a population of 705,000 inhabitants, thus it has a great number of existing services and facilities that could support the Games."The city itself is spacious with a central core of good hotels, a convention centre and arts centre, shopping and restaurants and a number of the sports facilities proposed for the Games.

"Salt Lake City is known in the USA as the centre for foreign language training.

"Most of the mountain venues are within a half-hour's drive from the city centre, with the farthest venue about a 45-minute drive.

"The community of Park City, at the base of the main alpine centre, is an attractive former mining town with restaurants and shops.

"The bid is backed by strong support of local, state and federal governments, the U.S. Olympic Committee, the IOC members in the USA and by very strong community support."