2 VOLUNTEERS TAKE BITE OUT OF CRIME BY PERFORMING ROOT CANAL ON K-9 U. PROFESSOR GETS GRANT TO STUDY SCHIZOPHRENIA ALTA CANYON TEAMS PLACE 1ST, 3RD IN VOLLEYBALLTwo men from the Salt Lake County sheriff's office Special Services Division, who are also doctors, took a bite out of crime last week.

They performed unusual surgery on a K-9 dog.Wuschel, a member of the sheriff's office K-9 Corps, received root canal treatment to correct a fractured "K-9" tooth. The procedure, fairly routine for humans, is uncommon for animals. Once the root canal work was completed and the tooth prepared, a stainless steel crown replaced the broken tooth.

Dr. Richard W. Elggren, an endodontist, performed the necessary work. He was assisted by Dr. Richard Despain. Both are volunteer members of the sheriff's Special Services Division. Dr. John Whitely, Alta Veterinary Hospital, administered general anesthesia and provided the specialized instruments necessary to complete the procedure.

Why all the fuss?

"A broken tooth with the nerve root exposed is extremely painful for the animal and greatly reduces the dog's performance in apprehending offenders," Sgt. Roger F. Taylor said. Wuschel has been a member of the sheriff's K-9 Corps since February.