Gary Busey, who was nearly killed two years ago when he tumbled from his motorcycle, has done a helmet turnaround, saying it's time for bikers to use their heads.

"Most importantly as an adult you should set an example for your children by wearing a helmet. Helmets should be mandatory," the 46-year-old actor said Monday from Australia, where he's vacationing.After the 1988 accident in suburban Culver City, Calif., Busey remained a foe of mandatory helmet laws, saying such laws infringe on freedom of choice. He wasn't wearing a helmet when he slammed head first into a curb.

"He now wears a helmet all the time and so does his 19-year-old son, Jake," said Busey's publicist, Paul Bloch.

Busey has never explained why he changed his mind about helmets, Bloch said.

California Gov. Pete Wilson was expected to sign a bill that would require all motorcycle, motor scooter and motorized bicycle riders to wear state-approved helmets.