Southern Utah University President Gerald R. Sherratt has been invited by the Standing Committee on Science of the Moscow City Council to consult with officials there on advancing the educational goals of the Soviet Union.

The invitation was made by the chairman of the Standing Committee, A. Bzaginsky."The Standing Committee on Science of the Moscow City Council has set as one of its goals learning and applying the experience of U.S. universities in the development and encouragement of the creative potential of our institutes of higher education," said Bzaginsky, indicating that Sherratt's visit would be deemed a significant role in the exchanges.

SUU recently played host to noted Moscow educator Boris Notkin, who is also the anchor of a popular Soviet television program that has been described as a cross between "60 Minutes" and "Good Morning America."

Said Sherratt of the invitation: "This is a unique opportunity for SUU to provide positive input on the reshaping of the Soviet system of higher education. The transition of the event of the latter half of the 20th century. The university system can play a major role in that transition."