Military enlistments in Utah are high, although when the United States started sending troops to the Persian Gulf after Iraq's invasion, registrations slowed some, service spokesmen said.

"Patriotism locally has been fantastic," Army Staff Sgt. Michael Spence said Tuesday. "This is the first time we had to recruit an all-volunteer force during a war, and it worked," said Spence, a recruiter based in Sandy.Patriotism and the desire to put country before self are probably some of the reasons for the increased enlistments, said Spence.

From last August through March 1991, Utah Navy recruiters nabbed 110 percent of their assigned goals, and about 30 percent more people inquired about naval duty, said Senior Chief Steve Dougherty, spokesman for a western recruiting district that includes Utah.

"It has been actually easier recruiting lately because more people are aware of the Navy and what it has been doing," Dougherty said.

Marine and Air Force recruitments for the period stayed about the same, the services said.

Nationally, recruiting has been good for all branches of service, with each branch at least hitting 100 percent of its quotas.