Age: 42Born: San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Family: wife, Linda; children: Emily, Mary, Kate and Alex.

Education: BS degree from the University of Utah in accounting and finance.

Occupation: chief financial officer at Intermountain Power Agency.


Size: 7.5 square miles

Population: Just over 5,000

Budget: $500,000

Number of Employees: seven

Mayor's salary: none

PERSONAL Politics: "I'm a Republican at heart, but I don't hesitate to vote for the individual I think is going to do the job."

First "real" job: Performed custodial duties at Grant Elementary School in Salt Lake before and after school at age 12. "That's when I first decided I was going to work for a living."

Management style: "Hands-off. I believe in clearly defined responsibilities and to have the staff function within the scope of their responsibilities. It is a great thing to have the staff be self-starters."

Why I like being mayor: "I enjoy community service. It's important for everybody to go out of their way, to give up their own creature comforts and put themselves to work for people, projects and progress."

Why I hate being mayor: "One thing that is difficult is to strike a balance between programs and budgets. The budget process is tedious and time consuming. For cities that have our philosophy - pay as you go - it is difficult to institute change and bigger programs because the budget tends to be small."

Recipe for success: "Motivation helps. Enjoying serving with people and I think imagination and vision and patience and tolerance - all those in varying degrees and combinations can add up to a pretty good recipe."

A memorable failure: "I guess, like most people, I block those out."

Heroes: "Spencer W. Kimball. He was not a very big man, but there was tremendous capacity in that individual for a lot of things. Also the Founding Fathers and patriots." Leisure:

"Between my job and mayoring, unfortunately, I don't have much time." Hewlett enjoys fishing, golfing, boating and "to a degree" working in the yard.

Favorite book: Scriptures, biographical church books and fiction. A recent favorite: Robert Fulghum's "It was on Fire when I Lay Down on It." Favorite movie: "The Color Purple."