Age: 40

Born: Brigham City

Family: wife, Patti; five sons, two daughters.

Education: BA in accounting from University of Utah; CPA certificate.

Occupation: CPA; partner in charge of tax department of Deloit & Touche.


Population: 4,000

Budget: General fund, $500,000; total: $1 million.

Number of employees: 8 full time

Mayor's salary: $59.38 a month


Politics: Conservative, tend toward Republican

First "real" job: Trucking grain for an Idaho farmer at age 14; too young for a driver's license but did it anyway.

Management style: "I'm people oriented. People are more important than things and ideas. I give general direction but depend heavily on the staff to make their own decisions, their own parameters. I'm not a micromanager, I don't deal in the details."

Why I like being mayor: "The real reason I enjoy serving in my community is I'm in a capacity where I can have an impact on its future direction."

Why I hate being mayor: "I don't really hate being mayor. But there are times when it can be frustrating. I'd like to meet everyone's needs and make everyone happy. In a town our size, people look to the mayor to do that. But we can't, and that's disappointing to me."

Recipe for success: "I don't really have one. My father, a dry farmer in Idaho, taught us to work hard, not go into debt. Working hard was not working until you're tired, but beyond that, until the job is done."

A memorable failure: "The most memorable failure - and there have been several in my life - is being fired. My father fired me from the farm when I was 11 years old. He rehired me a week later, but it's the first and only time I've ever been fired and I've never forgotten it."

Heroes: George Washington, Thomas Edison, his father.

Leisure: Golf, boating and water skiing, reading

Favorite book: "Jesus Christ" by James Talmadge; Tom Clancy's novels.

Favorite movie: "Ben Hur" and, right below it, "The Ten Commandments". . . because,"I'm a Charlton Heston fan."