For the fifth straight year, Bountiful residents will face no increases in their city property taxes, according to a tentative 1991-92 budget the City Council adopted Wednesday.

More good news: there are no increases planned in water, sewer, electricity or garbage rates.Still not satisfied? The city will not raise the business license, golf course, cemetery or recreation fees either.

Noting the city is in excellent fiscal shape, City Manager Tom Hardy said, "We're one of the best-off cities in the state."

The proposed budget for 1991-92 is $31.1 million, about $4 million less than last year's budget. The decrease is attributed to the completion of two major capital improvements: the Pineview hydroelectric plant and the new maintenance facility on 200 West.

Hardy said projected revenues are sufficient for the budget needs of all departments to provide the same level of service as was provided last year. In fact, the proposed budget provides for a new police officer and dispatcher.

These positions are the first personnel increases in several years, Hardy said.

"Even with these increases, the number of full-time city employees will be significantly less than the city had in 1980." In 1980, there were 210 employees; next year, there will be 170.

The council voted 4-1 to accept the tentative budget and scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, June 12, at 7:30 p.m.

Councilwoman Renee Coon voted against the budget because it provides for a 3-percent increase in city employees' salaries. The pay raise would cost about $210,000

"I have a concern for an across-the-board salary increase," Coon said. "I don't see that kind of an increase in the private sector. . . . I feel our employees are already pretty well paid."

A copy of the budget is available for public review at City Hall, 790 S. 100 East.


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Where the money will go

The proposed budget for 1991-92 calls for the city to spend:

- $600,000 to expand and upgrade the Light and Power Department's central substation.

- $500,000 to replace the Fire Department's 25-year-old aerial ladder truck.

- $555,000 to realign the portion of Barton Creek that flows through the landfill.

- $440,000 to build a new culinary water reservoir east of Bountiful Boulevard and north of 1800 South.

- $400,000 to begin a hydroelectric project at East Canyon dam.

- $317,000 for a new garbage truck and about 420 containers to implement a commercial refuse collection program.

- $260,000 to remove the asphalt and install a concrete pavement on 1500 South between Main Street and Orchard Drive.

- $215,000 to do the same thing to 400 East between 200 South and 500 South.

- $180,000 for a new equipment and chemical storage area at the city golf course.


CHART\ Bountiful City Budget

Million dollars

'91-'92 '90-'91

General fund $9.0 $8.6

Enterprise funds* $16.1 $16.5

*includes water, sewer, electricity, golf, recreation, sanitation and cemetery.


Police $2.1 $2.2

Fire $1.3 $1.5

Power $15.1 $13.6

Public works* $5.9 $3.8

*includes streets, street and traffic lighting, parks and engineering dept.

Revenue sources:

Utilities, taxes $1.2 $1.3

Sales Taxes $2.65 $2.7

Property taxes $1.29 $1.3

Tax/fee hikes: None proposed

Property Tax: $93.07 on an $80,000 home

Public hearing: Wednesday, June 12, 7:30 p.m., Bountiful City Hall