Is there anything we can spray in the yard that would keep the dogs away, yet would be safe for both the animals and children in the area?

Several products are on the market that might help with this problem. They are available at a pet store, feed store or you can get them through a mail order catalog for pet products. The products that you want are ones that eliminate odor on grass and shrubbery. The best products that I have seen and used are ones that produce an enzyme-eating chemical.I would like more information on the Boston terrier.

This breed was developed through long breeding of the bulldog, the French bulldog, the bullterrier and the boxer. It was first shown in Boston in 1870. It is an American dog with French and English blood.

The Boston terrier is a lively, compact, well-balanced dog. The breed is classified according to size; it should stand 15 to 17 inches. Its weight can vary from 15 to 25 pounds. Regardless of size, the Boston should be square in appearance; the length should be balanced with the length of back. Eyes: dark, large round with a sweet and intelligent expression. Ears: small and fine, carried erect. Neck: slightly arched. Chest: broad. Limbs: straight and muscular. Hair: short, brilliant, of a fine texture; does not shed. Colors: Black with white markings on its head, chest and tail.

According to Simon and Schuster's Guide to Dogs, this type of dog is most affectionate with its master, patient with children and is very intelligent and alert. The Boston terrier is a perfect companion dog that has the capability of behaving wherever it may be taken. Although it is small, it has the ability to make a good guardian. Boston terriers will bark to announce intruders, but their size prohibits them from becoming a guard dog.

Grooming requirements are modest; however due to its short hair, this breed is definitely a house dog. Bostons can comfortably dwell in apartments.

Regular checkups are a must with this breed. The only special care required of a Boston is attention to its large eyes, states Connie Jankowski of Dog Fancy Magazine. Because of their prominence, the eyes are easily scratched.. You need to be aware of protruding eye-level objects.

Daily exercise helps keep your Boston in great shape. A romp in the back yard or a stroll around the block will do. Bostons are clean, affectionate and they will give back twice as much as you give to them.

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