Age: 38.

Where born: Salt Lake City.

Family: Wife, Christina Connors Haynes, and children Cortney Brit, Connor John and Jorie.

Education: University of Utah, bachelor's degree in arts; Northwestern University, master's degree in advertising.

Primary products: Advertising and public relations services. Primary markets: Sporting goods, technology, medical and resort industry. Number of employees: 22.


First "real" job: Bus boy at Bratten's Sea Food Grotto.

Management style: Hands-on.

Strategy for success: Looking at major obstacles as nothing more than a temporary delay.

A memorable failure: Forgetting my wife's first birthday after our marriage. Heroes: My father and David Ogilvey.

Leisure time and hobbies: Spending time at Lake Powell, water and snow skiing and sailing. Favorite book and movie: Book: Confessions of an Ad Man. Movie: Rain Man.