Students armed with iron bars and clubs stormed into the headquarters of President Roh Tae-woo's governing party Monday and struggled with riot police before being ousted a short time later.

The fracas at the Democratic Liberal Party building came as dissidents pledged to extend for a third week of the country's worst demonstrations since 1987 protests that led then President Chun Doo-hwan to step down.This year's unrest began after the beating death of a student by police.

Roh called the mounting unrest intolerable, and police warned that they would forcibly stop a funeral march for the student planned for Tuesday.

At Roh's party headquarters, about 70 students - some disguised in business suits and party buttons - entered the building after overpowering a skeletal force of 10 police left on duty at lunch.

They occupied several floors of the building, shouted anti-government slogans, barricaded themselves in offices and smashed windows.

Police said the radicals occupied the offices for about 30 minutes before 200 martial arts-trained police reinforcements used sledgehammers to tear through office walls and reach the protesters.

Fierce fighting between police and students left the stairs and office floors bloodied. Tear gas filled the building.

Police said 47 radicals were arrested, and 10 protesters and five riot policemen were injured in the clash.

The students said they were from an outlawed student radical group and "Save the Nation Death Squads," groups whose members are willing to martyr themselves for their cause.