The human rights organization Amnesty International called for an investigation of reports the communist Khmer Rouge resistance group in Cambodia executed 30 of its followers last year for demanding greater freedom.

"Amnesty International obtained information alleging that the security forces of the Partie of Democratic Kampuchea (the Khmer Rouge) had executed some 30 memebers of its armed forces on 27 July 1990 because they were suspected of being the `ringleaders' of a movement within its ranks demanding greater personal and economic freedom," Amnesty International said in a report received Monday by United Press International.The human rights organization said it originally received the information on the executions in December 1990 and wrote to the leaders of the Khmer Rouge and its two allied non-communist resistance groups expressing its concern.

It said Son Sann, leader of the Khmer People's National Liberation Front, urged the Khmer Rouge to respond to the allegations, but the China-backed group declined to answer the charges.