Deborah Norville returns to the airwaves in September, but on a different network and a different medium.

The ABC Radio Network said Sunday that its more than 200 stations will carry the former co-host of NBC-TV's "Today" in place of Sally Jessy Raphael, who wants to concentrate on her television talk show.Norville, who left "Today" in February, when she had a baby, will vary the radio show's call-in focus with interviews and discussion with callers about daily events, ABC said.

She will broadcast from her homes in Manhattan and Long Island.

"This is the kind of opportunity I never dreamed would come my way," Norville said. "ABC has given me a chance to remain home with my son, which is very important to me, and yet continue to be in touch with people across the country."

Norville and Raphael, who hosted the radio show for 10 years, will broadcast together next week. After Raphael's last day May 24, an interim replacement will fill in until Norville takes over in September. The fill-in has not been announced.

Maurice Tunick, ABC Talkradio vice president, called Norville a "proven professional."