The conservative Nepali Congress Party led its communist rival in early results Monday from the Himalayan kingdom's first free elections in 32 years, but partial returns from Katmandu also showed the party trailing in its stronghold.

Sunday's elections in the impoverished South Asian nation were the result of mass protests last year against the royal-dominated partyless system of government.Results from five of the 205 races for seats in the nation's first House of Representatives showed the Congress Party, the kingdom's oldest and most prominent political grouping, had won four contests and a minor left-wing party had taken one.

But partial results from the capital's five constituencies had the Congress party trailing its main rival, the Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Leninist, in all five races. Among those losing in Katmandu was Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai of the Congress Party.

Socialism was mistake, Soviet says

ATLANTA (AP) - Former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze told Emory University graduates Monday that socialism in his country was a mistake that can be corrected.

"A great scholar once said that in science only that is true which is also beautiful," he said. Soviet leaders "became convinced of this by observing our own example of the state of the society of the socialism which we constructed, and which was ugly, and which turned out to be wrong."

Shevardnadze urged Emory's 2,660 graduates in a commencement speech to take note of the sweeping changes in Eastern Europe during the past five years and to realize they could not have occurred without the policy of perestroika.

His granddaughter, Tamuna Mosashvili, is a freshman at Emory.

IRA bomb kills accountant in car ARMAGH, Northern Ireland (AP) - An IRA bomb exploded under a car Monday, killing a Protestant accountant as he waited at a traffic light, police said.

In a statement to local news media, the Irish Republican Army said it killed Robert Orr because he was a member of a British army unit and had been involved in recent house searches in Armagh.

A spokesman for the Royal Ulster Constabulary said Orr had no connection with the security forces since resigning from the police reserve 16 years ago.