A Murray dentist - accused of drilling into a patient's palate and numerous other instances of mistreatment - faces sanctions against his licenses to practice dentistry and administer drugs, a petition said.

Issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing on May 2, the petition accuses Dr. G. Michael Alexander of eight counts of unprofessional conduct based on his maltreatment of patients and misuse of drugs.The petition said Alexander had suffered grand mal seizures two years ago after taking unknown quantities of various medications. He was diagnosed with manic depression and other maladies, the petition said, and he purchased large quantities of prescription drugs for his personal use without authorization from his physicians.

Three months after his hospitalization, Alexander's office staff noticed he was disoriented and physically impaired, but he insisted on seeing patients, the petition said. After Alexander missed a patient's tooth and drilled into the patient's palate twice, the petition said, his staff sent waiting patients home before Alexander could treat them.

Last October, Alexander numbed one side of a patient's mouth and then started working on the other side, the petition said. At the urging of his staff he went home and didn't return for three-to-four days, the petition said, but he left his office open and allowed dental assistants to take care of emergencies and fill prescriptions.

During his absence, a dental assistant examined a patient and found that Alexander had left a suture needle in the patient's gums between the teeth, the petition said.

"(The dental assistant) removed the suture needle with the suture still attached," the petition said.

In December of last year, Alexander gave a patient too much medication in preparing her for treatment, the petition said. The patient passed out and paramedics were called in to revive her. She was taken to a local hospital to be treated for a drug overdose, the petition said.

In other instances detailed in the petition, Alexander:

- Left a piece of a drill bit inside a patient's tooth and a dental instrument inside of another tooth after root canals.

- Unnecessarily filled teeth and performed root canals and surgeries.

- Left cavities undiagnosed, perforated teeth during root canals and had numerous root canal failures.

- Failed to keep records accounting for drugs he had ordered.

- Allowed dental assistants and other employees to perform dental procedures they were not licensed to do, the petition said.

Alexander was unavailable at his office and home for comment Friday.