Porky Pig is getting some porcine company at Walt Disney World - a real pig lucky enough to have been born with black spots that look like a silhouette of Mickey Mouse.

The folks at Walt Disney World bought the pig from a Keith Schoettmer, a Tipton hog farmer, for an undisclosed price to put on display at the Orlando, Fla., complex.Schoettmer and his wife, Darla, took photographs of the 9-inch birthmark as a keepsake but thought little more of it until Darla saw an article in Farm Futures magazine.

"The family called us," said Disney spokeswoman Pam Parks. "Mrs. Schoettmer had seen in a farm journal we were looking at pigs in Iowa."

She said Disney World always is interested in displaying natural exhibits with marks resembling its characters.

"It's interesting how the word spreads, especially in farm communities," Parks said. "I have received dozens of letters from people with cats and dogs, even a cactus."

Neither the Schoettmers nor Parks would disclose the purchase price of the pig, who will go to virtual hog heaven when the Schoettmers deliver her to the Magin Kingdom on Tuesday.

There, the pig will live at Grandma Duck's Petting Farm, where it will have a private swimming pool and mud pit.

The pig's neighbors will be Mickey Moo and Minnie Moo, two cows with a mouse birthmark, and a Mickey head-shaped potato, discovered by a Nebraska woman in her sack of potatoes.

Schoettmer said he never named the porker but his wife calls it "Sowsketeer."

"I fail to see the humor in it," he said, "but most other people have laughed at it."