Barbara Bush, followed by Jane Pauley and Coretta Scott King, were named the best role models for mothers in a national Mother's Day survey released Saturday.

The first lady best embodied the spirit of motherhood for 36 percent surveyed; the NBC news anchor and King each were named by 10 percent. However, there were clear differences in models chosen by younger and older women.Only a plurality of 23 percent of women under 30 picked Barbara Bush, compared with 53 percent of women over 50. The younger women included Meryl Streep and Pauley among their top three, while older women named King and Rose Kennedy.

The survey of 1,000 mothers around the country was commissioned by MCI Communications Corp.

And forget about shopping around for the perfect Mother's Day present, the survey found. The most prized gifts are a personal visit (31 percent) or a telephone call (18 percent).