A man who won Ohio's Super Lotto jackpot twice in seven months celebrated by planning a party and deciding whether to quit his job. And he's thinking about taking a trip - to Las Vegas.

Thomas Burton, 43, turned in his second winning ticket Thursday, bringing his combined lottery winnings to $8.1 million."I'm going to party a little," he said during an interview at his home, which he bought after he won a one-third share of a $13 million jackpot in August.

He took the day off Friday from his job at Ford Motor Co.'s Sharonville Transmission Plant near Cincinnati to spend it with his son Jamie, 20, daughter Shannon, 18, and his mother, Gertrude Burton, of West Palm Beach, Fla.

"When he told me, I just couldn't say anything. I just about fell out of my chair," Mrs. Burton said.

Burton, who is divorced, won a $4.3 million share that pays him $165,751 a year for 20 years in a lottery jackpot drawn Aug. 18. On Thursday, he won a $12 million jackpot from the March 23, 1991, drawing.

Lottery spokeswoman Ellen Hughes said Burton chose to accept an optional lump-sum payment for the March 23 drawing, which will pay him $3,821,210 after taxes.

He bought his latest winning ticket on the day of the drawing, but did not know he had won until Thursday, when he began going through some papers and tickets he had set aside.

Burton said both times he won he played random number selections.