Several Utah Valley residents have received special recognition from the Utah County Child Abuse Council.

Child Advocate Awards were presented to Joy O'Banion (Family Support and Treatment Center), Ralph C. Crabb (Orem Department of Public Safety), Victoria Anderson (Alpine School District) and Susan Humpherys (Family Support and Treatment Center).Lila B. Bjorklund, founder of Utah Youth Villages located in Salt Lake City and Pleasant Grove, received a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her 50 years of voluntary service and advocacy for children and youth in Utah.

In addition to founding Utah Youth Village, Bjorklund has worked as an advocate for children to reform juvenile detention policies, protect abused and neglected children and increase educational opportunities for children.

At age 76, Bjorklund still spends more than 40 hours per week working to change the lives of troubled youth in the state.

O'Bannion serves as director of the Family Support and Treatment Center. She has worked to preserve and expand resources for abused and neglected children in the community.

Crabb received a Child Advocate Award to recognize his service in the area of juvenile crime and child-abuse investigation for the Orem Department of Public Safety. He was honored for dedicating 11 years to this area of investigation and for showing sensitivity, concern and respect for children who face very difficult situations.

Anderson has served as an advocate for children within the community and the Alpine School District for 12 years. She works to prevent and mitigate the problems of child abuse. Under her direction, Alpine School District has instituted classes for teaching life skills, parenting skills and self-esteem.

Humpherys was honored for dedicating time and service to the at-risk children in the crisis nursery of the Family Support and Treatment Center. Her work as a full-time house parent for the center necessitated her presence at the crisis nursery from 6 p.m. Sunday through 6 p.m. Friday weekly with only weekends off. Yet she often worked late Friday evenings helping those on duty with laundry, chores and meal preparation.

Two Exemplary Service Awards were presented to state Sen. Craig Peterson and state Rep. R. Lee Ellertson for their support of Children's Justice Center legislation.