Yodellers burst into song Friday when Hiroshi Oda and Yuka Kobayashi became the 1,000th Japanese couple to "marry" in a ceremony that brings rich profits for the Swiss city of Lucerne.

Wearing a traditional white bridal dress, 24-year-old Yuka nervously said "Yes" at the correct moment as the only guests, 10 news photographers invited by the local tourist board, snapped away.The couple had arrived from Japan Thursday for the wedding, which is purely ceremonial with no religious or legal status, and were to go to Paris for a one-day honeymoon.

Lucerne launched its so-called "Wedding Package" in 1982 to meet demand from Japanese couples for a Western-style white wedding ceremony complete with flowers, organ music, champagne and other trimmings. Couples have to prove they have already married legally in Japan.